I don't consider myself a movie buff; I'm very mainstream when it comes to music and movies. However, I love trivia and random facts. So naturally I love finding out that there are so many films being produced in Louisiana.

All numbers and locations on this list were derived from Wikipedia and IMDB.


  • 21 Jump Street (2012)

    This list is in no particular order, but we are starting with one of my favorite movies filmed in Louisiana. Filming took place in Metairie, though the city was heavily doctored to be as unrecognizable as possible. Still, if you pay enough attention you may notice the Crescent City Connection or distinct French Quarter architecture. The school shown in the film is non other than Riverdale High School.

  • The Culling (2015)

    I'm not too familiar with this movie; I haven't seen it yet, but with the knowledge that it was filmed in my home state I'll surely give it a pass. Wikipedia doesn't say much about the production or location, IMDB tells us at least the intro was filmed in St. Bernard Parish.

  • Django: Unchained (2012)

    Oh I could write a report on this movie if need be, but I'll refrain from doing that. I won't pretend I'm surprised, though, that a movie about slavery could find a fitting atmosphere at one of our plantation homes. Though much of the filming occurs in California and Wyoming, the crew found themselves in Wallace, LA for portions of the movie to be filmed in Evergreen Plantation.

  • Fantastic Four (2015)

    Fantastic Four is a hit or miss for most people. After doing some research about the rough journey that the film had going through production, it is no surprise that it wouldn't resonate with everyone. However, it earns some major cool points for the fact that 72 days of filming in the Celtic Media Center of Baton Rouge made this movie happen!

  • The Last Exorcism (2010)

    It would make sense that a movie featuring a Reverend from Baton Rouge be set in, well, Baton Rouge. I've seen a few films with 'The Exorcism" in the title but I'm positive that I've watched this one some years back. Louisiana does have an ominous spookiness hidden underneath the beauty.

  • Left Behind (2014)

    I'm no pro film critic, but I see Nicholas Cage as being in the same boat as Adam Sandler: you love him or hate him. Regardless, this 2014 film starring Nick Cage has got to be on your watch list simply because you'll get to see what these producers and directors did to turn Baton Rouge into an apocalyptic hell.

  • Logan (2010)

    Wow, put this move on the TOP of my need-to-watch list. Seriously, I'm going rent it tonight. Filming for this movie took place all over Louisiana for about 60% of the production work, according to Wikipedia. Places like the NASA Michoud Plant in New Orleans, LA HWY 15, Sicily Island High, and more were used to create this universe.

  • The Guardian (2006)

    One of my dad's favorite films to play when it aired on TV frequently, The Guardian has a lot of relevance to Louisiana residents. The movie follows the Coast Guard and their efforts, including glory shots of rescues made during Hurricane Katrina in NOLA. Camera crews found themselves in Shreveport, Bossier City, and Minden for the filming of The Guardian.

  • Happy Death Day (2017)

    I was half interested in viewing this horror flick, until now. Knowing that the majority of shooting takes place solely at Loyola University in New Orleans puts this movie quite a bit farther up on my watch list. Well, that and the fact that my girlfriend is a horror movie buff and will kinda force me to watch this one.

  • Jurassic World (2015)

    I've seen all the Jurassic movies, and I pretty much love them all. Some movies don't need to be perfect for me. Transformers is a good example: big robots, fighting and guns, that's enough for me! However Jurassic World may now be on my favorites as it was partially filmed at the abandoned Six Flags in New Orleans.

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