One of the greatest weeks out of the year is here and these "Festival Bingo" cards are right on time.

Festival International is officially underway and we can't wait to spend the next five days indulging in great music, delicious food and all the greatness that Festival has to offer—especially the sights.

The Festival experience is one of a kind, and you're going to see some things go down that may have you doing a double take. Luckily, you can play along and parlay those wild sights into winning with the 2017 "Festival Bingo" Cards.

Facebook, Skip Angelle
Facebook, Skip Angelle

Facebook user Robin Tenney posted his 2017 version of the popular Festival game, and apparently he has been doing this for a few years now. Lot of people think it's so good that it should be an app. I totally agree.

So how do you play?

Well, it's just like real Bingo, but instead of listening for letters and numbers to be called out to see if you have a match, you keep your eyes open for these common Festival sights and experiences.

You saw some kid running into a group of people because he was too busy texting? Mark it down.

Is that girl totally wearing a bra as a top? Mark it down.

Is a guy talking someone's head off about craft beers? Mark it down.

Is there a chick nearby who "can't even?" Mark. It. Down.

Rumor has it that Greenroom downtown may even be doing a contest surrounding the "Festival Bingo" game, so head downtown, play along, and enjoy Festival!

And to the creator of "Festival Bingo": make this game into an app already!

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