Three UL students are currently competing in the "Red Bull Can You Make It" challenge, traveling across Europe using only Red Bull Energy Drink as currency. That's it. No Money for food or lodging, only Red Bull to try and trade for the things they need.

UL students Emily Daigle, Brandii Champagne and Sam Riehl are taking the "Red Bull Can You Make It" head on, and say it all started with a postcard that said "Can you make it across Europe using only Red Bull?"

Emily Daigle tells KATC "Hopefully, we can find hotels that will let us stay or hostiles, or meet some awesome people along the way, and say 'hey, if you buy ingredients, we'll cook you a Cajun dinner,' and if you let us stay at your house... you know, trade our skills that we have. But if not, we're prepared. We have a tent, sleeping bags, inflatable pillows, everything we need."

You can actually help them win. The team earns points when anyone likes or shares their Facebook posts from the official "Can You Make It?" page, which you can follow HERE.

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