My reason for posting this video from a Chicago Cubs game is to make sure that as many people on the face of the Earth know that there is at least one awful human being who is a Cubs fan. Don't believe me? Just watch this video

It's pretty obvious the individual in the Cubs uniform was attempting to hand that souvenir baseball to that very young fan in the front row. I guess the kid doesn't quite have his fielding skills honed to major league levels just yet so he dropped the ball.

The man sitting behind the child scoops up the ball and claims it as his own. Am I right for hoping this gentleman gets a severe heat rash for the rest of the summer? Or is this part of the tradition of America's pastime? You know the tradition of teaching kids that stealing is good and finders are keepers no matter whether it's right or wrong.

Thank goodness someone from the Cubs organization saw what unfolded with the kid and douchebag. Because the Cubs made things right by giving the child another ball and an autographed ball too.

I can only the imagine the look on "Mr. Takey Grabby's" face when the team presented the young fan with some real souvenirs and a gentle reminder that not all people are worthless pieces of inconsiderate slime.

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