There are symptoms of the coronavirus that doctors and medical personnel can see and treat. There are also plenty of not-so-obvious symptoms associated with this disease and the current state of the world caused by it. Many of us are experiencing those symptoms even though we've not been in contact with the virus.

Anxiety and depression are two of those more powerful invisible symptoms that quite frankly a lot of us are feeling right now. These two emotions are often exacerbated by fear. Fear is often exacerbated by the unknown. So, you can see we have a perfect situation for anxiety and depression to creep into our lives.

Even if you've never really felt anxious or sad about world events before, this time could be different. Because those world events are happening right outside your door.  I can't say I've ever been in a world where schools, government buildings, casinos, and movie theaters have been closed that didn't involve a hurricane. I would imagine the same applies to you as well.

Your first step to feeling better is to give yourself permission to have the feelings you're experiencing. It's okay, really. Your second step needs to be proactive on your part. You need to let someone know how you're feeling. If you don't want to or can't visit physically face to face, try an online video chat or just an email or Facebook messenger dialogue. Trust me, the conversation will make you feel better.

If you're still feeling a little off, or you suspect a family member or friend might be having a tough time dealing with anxiety and depression there are health lines you can call and online chat portals where trained operators are there 24 hours a day to listen and offer helpful advice.

Chances are we are going to be dealing with the coronavirus threat and its aftermath for many months. So don't wait until smaller feelings become too large for you to handle. Reach out, there are plenty of hands (washed of course) that are ready to take yours and help you embrace and become more comfortable and confident in "The New Normal".


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