CBS has released a special behind-the-scenes video of the season finale of their hit show, 'CSI,' which features a special appearance by Black Sabbath. The video is embedded above.

In the three-minute clip, star Ted Danson explains that the episode centers around the search for a serial killer, with three potential suspects, leading to a season-ending cliffhanger. At some point, Danson and co-star Marc Vann wind up at a club where Black Sabbath are performing. The episode will feature the premiere of the studio version of 'End of the Beginning,' from Sabbath's album '13,' which will be released June 11. The band has already performed the song on their tour of Australia.

"It'll be my first Black Sabbath concert," Danson said. "How cool is that?"

For bassist Geezer Butler, a longtime fan of the show, the feeling was mutual. "I've watched every episode since it started," he said while barely able to contain his excitement. "'Cause I like crime stuff, and it was realistic."

However, Ozzy Osbourne noted that playing a rock singer on a television show is considerably difference from being one, due to the delays that pop up during filming. "I'm not an actor," he said. "It's like a hurry-up-and-wait. When you see it on TV, it's all done, but when you're filming, there's a lot of stuff going on."

The episode will air this coming Wednesday (May 15) at 10PM Eastern.

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