Last year, I wrote about WWE superstar Braun Strowman's dad being one of the best slo-pitch softball players ever.

I was a little surprised by two things; 1)-how many people was unaware, and 2)-how many of the older softball crowd actually remember seeing Strowman's dad play.

Because of that, I decided to remind you of his dad again, as Strowman, a monster in the WWE, becomes even more popular.

Braun Strowman's dad was monster on the slo-pitch softball diamond.

Rick Scheer (Strowman was born Adam Scheer), who was known as the "Crusher", hit over 1,800 career softball home runs.

Standing at imposing 6-foot-5, while weighing in at 300 pounds, Scheer played for Howard's Furniture, World Champions of Softball in 1973, '74, '78, '81, '83, and '84.

Take a look at Scheer, who Strowman looks very much like, below:

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