The warm waters of the western Caribbean Sea have given birth to some of the worst tropical storms and hurricanes of our time. Hurricane, now Tropical Storm Michael began its destructive journey in those warm waters just a few weeks ago.

Now meteorologists with the National Hurricane Center are watching a broad area of low pressure that is centered eerily close to where Michael began to strengthen late last week.

That's the bad news. The good news is this.

The potential for development of this system is only listed at 50% over the next five days by the Hurricane Center. Forecasters believe this system will be in an environment where it could strengthen over the next five days.

However, it does appear as if it could interact with the coastline of Honduras or Mexico during that time frame. That interaction with land could stymie that potential development.

So far none of the reliable forecast models are picking this system up. That's a good sign. However, these models do lose quite a bit of accuracy when extrapolated over time. So this area of gusty breezes, squalls, and thundershowers will bear watching until it moves onshore or dissipates.

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