Here's an example of what NOT to do at the shooting range.

As a matter of fact, here is an example of what not to do with any type of weapon or firearm. A viral video that was caught on CCTV shows a man pointing a gun at another man's head for a selfie. Luckily, a range officer quickly intervened and grabbed the gun from the man's hand.

The video was posted on Reddit and social media and apparently, it comes from the Top Gun Range in Houston, TX. I thought the video was local because the symbol on the range officer's hat looks exactly like the Acadiana Flag. Do you see it, too?

The video was posted on Facebook by Andrew Register, a former US Army infantryman who is currently a firearms instructor himself.

1. Always assume a firearm to be loaded
2. Never point a firearm at anything unless you are willing to kill or destroy
3. Finger off the trigger until your ready to fire
4. Know your targets foreground and background

He says he didn't post the video to "bash the two individuals" but rather, to praise Scott—the range officer "who saved the day."

Thousands of others agreed, commenting their praises for the officer's swift reaction.

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