In July, we told you about a rare Hurricane Katrina "Music Rising" Gibson Les Paul stolen from Barczyk Chiropractic Group in Lafayette. Believe it or not, that guitar has been found, and is now back where it belongs because of a couple incredibly selfless good Samaritans from over 400 miles away.

San Antonio residents Stephen Wheeler and his brother Sam are currently building a home studio. Searching through the OfferUp app, Stephen saw some equipment he and his brother needed for the studio, so they went to go check it out in person. That's where things get pretty unbelievable.

When Stephen and Sam showed up at the seller's apartment, they noticed the "Music Rising" Les Paul in the corner. Not saying anything, they took a look at it, snapped a few pictures and went on their way. Then Stephen googled "6 of 300 Gibson Les Paul", which is what he noticed written on the back head stock of the guitar, and the original story on our website popped up. That's when they realized the guitar was stolen, and they realized they had to get it back for the owner.

Stephen then returned to that apartment and made an offer for the guitar. The seller accepted, and Stephen left with it as quickly as he could. That's when he messaged us on Facebook that he had the guitar and wanted us to help him get it back to the Barczyks!

Staff Photo/TSM
Staff Photo/TSM

You see, Stephen is from Mississippi, and lost quite a bit in Hurricane Katrina. When he saw the guitar, he knew too well everything it represented. The Les Paul "Music Rising" guitars were sold and auctioned to raise money to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. There are even parts of the guitar made out of uprooted trees found after the storm. Stephen and his brother Sam never asked to be reimbursed for the money they spent on the guitar. They never asked for any kind of reward.

They drove over 400 miles to hand deliver it to Colleen Barczyk because they knew it was the right thing to do.

Even more touching, they did the right thing when no one was looking. Stephen could have bought this one-of-a-kind guitar and never said a word about it. No one would have ever known.

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