Legalized marijuana is about to become a reality across these United States. It's already legal in many states for medical and recreational use. In my opinion, it's just a matter of time before the decision to use pot will be similar to the decision to use alcohol.

With that glaring reality staring us in the face the Centers for Disease Control has been studying marijuana use. They're collecting data on not only what the drug does to the body but what use of the drug does to our society. In the course of this research, they have data to document the professions where smoking pot is most prevalent.

I have to admit in researching this article I was secretly praying that "politics" would be the occupation where smoking dope is most likely. It would explain a lot of things if it was but alas, the comedy gods and the truth weren't smiling on my choice.

According to the CDC, the profession where you're most likely to encounter regular pot smokers is Food Service and Preparation. That could explain why your potatoes weren't the only thing that was baked the last time you went out to dinner.

Second on the list were those in the arts, entertainment, performance, and sports industry. I was actually shocked this wasn't the top group. The rest of the top five were people who work in production, then came those employed in life, physical, or social sciences and rounding out the top five were those who worked in sales.

Fortunately for all of us those in protective services, aka law enforcement and healthcare aka doctors and nurses were at the very bottom of the list. Those who work in the transportation industry were also close to the bottom of the list as well.



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