Recent Winter's in South Louisiana have been rather mild even by our standards. That's why recent Summer's have fostered an even bigger battle with mosquitoes and other insects that make the great outdoors less attractive. Will the bouts of extreme cold that we've experienced so far this Winter make our Summer less buggy? Most likely it will.

Many entomologists across the state believe that the sudden onset of freezing temperatures we experienced in December will likely mean a bit of a break from at least an early onset of mosquito season.  The sudden drop in temperatures likely killed remaining mature insects and that should create a nice gap in the reproduction cycle of more mosquitoes.

If you're wondering about that other annoyance insect, you know the one that messes up your car windshield and front grill, the love bug. There is no such luck that the cold will decrease their presence across the state. Lovebugs had likely gone into the ground in their larva state before the extreme cold. That means that come April and again in October, we'll start to see those swarms again.

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