The American Farm Bureau reports the average cost for Thanksgiving dinner has gone down the past three years. The bureau conducted a survey of grocery stores across 37 states, Louisiana Farm Bureau Representative Avery Davidson says the average price nationwide to feed ten people is $48.90, but the Bayou State is one of the best in regards to cost.

"You pay considerably less in Louisiana, our total on average came out to $22.63," said Davidson.
Davidson says the main star of your Thanksgiving dinner, the turkey, is cheaper in  Louisiana than in other parts of the country.
"In Louisiana, a turkey will cost you on average $12.50, when the nationwide average is $21.71," said Davidson.
Davidson says you can beat the survey prices if you do your research.
"If you do some smart shopping, look at those sales papers, go to your local markets which may have specials on things that are grown locally," said Davidson.

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