You know that song from the Lion King, Can You Feel the Love Tonight? I bet they don't play that at the beginning of any meetings of the St. Martinville City Council. Because there does not appear to be a lot of love lost between some members of that council and Mayor Melinda Mitchell.

There have been previous skirmishes between the Mayor and Council and now the latest dust-up between the executive and legislative branch of the city's government involves the Mayor's use of a police escort to Baton Rouge.

Mayor Pro-temp Craig Prosper would like Mayor Melinda Mitchell to explain why she required the escort from two officers in lighted police units to make a trip to Baton Rouge on March 5th. According to Prosper, a request for that escort should have been submitted to the council for approval. Apparently, it was not.

The councilman is asking the Mayor to reimburse the city $490 for pay for the officers and an additional $100 for the cost of fuel.  These issues were brought up at the Monday night meeting of the St. Martinville City Council but Mayor Mitchell was not present at that meeting to respond to Councilman Prosper's request.



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