The 90th annual Academy Awards are coming up on Sunday, March 4th, and it will be an interesting year for Hollywood's biggest night. I love awards shows, and I'm always happy when a country music star, or song, pops up in the nominations. It's kind of like validation, I guess!

In the history of the Academy Awards, only one country music song that was nominated has actually won, and that was in 2009 from the film 'Crazy Heart'. The song was 'The Weary Kind', and it was sung by Ryan Bingham. No disrespect to Ryan, but Dolly Parton singing '9 to 5' was a way better representation of our country format. Sorry!

The following country songs have been nominated in the 'Best Original Song' category. Here's to more country music in films, and good luck to all the nominees on March 4th at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles!

  • '9 to 5' by Dolly Parton from the 1980 film '9 to 5'
  • 'On the Road Again' by Willie Nelson from the 1980 film 'Honeysuckle Rose'
  • 'How Do I Live' by Trisha Yearwood from the 1997 film 'Con Air'
  • 'Travelin' Through' by Dolly Parton from the 2005 film 'Transamerica'
  • 'The Weary Kind' by Jeff Bridges from the 2009 film 'Crazy Heart'
  • 'Coming Home' by Gwyneth Paltrow from the 2010 film 'Country Strong'
  • 'I'm Not Gonna Miss You' by Glen Campbell from the 2014 documentary 'Glen Campbell: I'll be Me'

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