The 90th annual Academy Awards are this Sunday, March 4th, and it will be an interesting year for Hollywood's finest. So, with everyone dieting to try and fit into their finery for the ceremony, Chef Wolfgang Puck is busy prepping one of the most innovative and glittery menus of the entire year for after the ceremony is over. A spectacular spread that will be served at the official Oscar after party, which is the Governor's Ball. And if you are wondering about the leftovers from this decadent spread, they will be taken to area food banks in Los Angeles immediately after the party closes.

Over 60 delectable dishes will be available at the Ray Dolby Ballroom, and some of them are listed below. Hooray for Hollywood, indeed!

  • 2,6000 lb Sculpted ice bar that includes king crab legs, lobster and scallop crudo, and cavier parfaits topped with 24k gold
  • Miyazaki Wagyu beef tartare with puffed black rice
  • Minature taro tacos with spiced eggplant and lime pickles
  • Winter truffle baked cavatappi and cheese
  • Homemade spinach campanelle with English peas, roasted tomatoes, and cippolini onions
  • A 'Mocha Beehive', which is dark chocolate Rocher shell, liquid honey ganache and mocha mascarpone mousse, (according to Harper's Bazaar)
  • Macarons in several exotic flavors
  • Lychee Rose Raspberry tarts
  • 7,000 mini chocolate Oscar statues


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