Would you let your kids run wild in this theme park?

Diggerland USA is a New Jersey theme park that allows children to operate heavy machinery. Instead of playing with Tonka trucks, kids are allowed to navigate full-sized diesel-powered construction equipment.

The best part: It's totally safe for kids, according to their website.

Each machine has undergone advanced engineering modifications which make them safe for the public, allowing children as small as 36 inches to operate with little to no instruction

The 21-acre park has 25 different attractions and single day tickets range from $29.95 to $38.95 while a full annual pass can be purchased for $59.95.

Some parents feel like Diggerland is unsafe or could make kids think it's acceptable to attempt operating heavy machinery on actual construction sites, but the park says there have been no injuries to date as they remain committed to safety.

Is this a park you would like to see in south Louisiana? Could you imagine other areas of a park with machinery related to the oilfield or sugar cane farming?

If so, would you let your kids operate modified heavy machinery?

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