The coronavirus pandemic has made mental health issues even more difficult for some. That’s why counselors at Family Tree Education and Counseling Center are making sure they are still available to those who are in need. Local mom, Danielle Lewis, shares her tele-counseling experience. According to KATC, their services have helped Danielle Lewis as she is going through a difficult time with her 7-year-old son going through an amputation surgery.


How is it possible to have a session with a counselor while we are under stay-at-home orders? The internet. Going virtual with tele-counseling services has become a necessity for anyone struggling mentally.

Lewis said she did have a counseling session in person before the pandemic. She said the virtual session was just as helpful and provided a lot of resources to her family. Lewis said it was great to have someone to share her feelings with and to have someone listen to her that wasn’t family.

Family Tree is offering a free tele-counseling session for those who are new and have concerns. To register for the free 1-hour session, click here. Anyone in Louisiana can sign up and use their services. Family Tree's Facebook page also has great information they share. KATC reports that Marie Collins, Family Tree Executive Director, said they’ve adjusted all of their prices to make it more affordable, and they are continuing to try and find subsidies so people can get it at a lesser rate.

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The Family Tree's mission statement is a center designed to enhance the quality of life for individuals and families over the life course through education, counseling, and information services that are delivered in a professional, accessible, and compassionate manner.




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