Happy Death Day is the horror movie we need this Halloween season.

Sure, there's yet another Saw movie hitting theaters right before Halloween, but it's time for something fresh and fun. While a movie that combines elements of Groundhog Day (and other time loop movies/stories) with typical slasher conventions may not sound fresh at all, Happy Death Day is just that. For starters, most slasher/horror movies have a 'final girl' who survives while everyone else is killed around her. In Happy Death Day, the final girl is the first girl, our main character, who is killed not even a half - hour into the movie. She returns to life to repeat the same day to solver her own murder, but that's just the beginning.

Happy Death Day is a fun and scary horror movie perfect for Halloween viewing, especially if you plan on taking a date to the movies. There's something for everyone and It's also got a surprising amount of heart and a message everyone can identify with.

Check out my full review in the video above.

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