Frying an egg on the sidewalk is just so passe.

Phoenix's 12 News wanted to see if it was hot enough to bake cookies in a car, a new and sweeter spin on the ol' egg on the sidewalk bit.

Last week, with temperatures looming at the not-so-balmy 115 degrees the news team put cookies in a car at 1:30PM. At 5:45, they were ready to be eaten.

This timelapse shows how the whole process went down, leaving us with a hankering for some chocolate chip cookies and a stark reminder not to leave kids or animals in a car when it gets blazing hot.

So, while we hunt for some Chips Ahoy, we can't help but wonder are there dishes you've tried to cook in the car when it gets really hot?

A fresh batch of Arizona Summer Car Cookies (ready in just under five hours):

Posted by 12 News on Friday, June 19, 2015

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