Kevin Hart is a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan and he was ready to celebrate their victory in Super Bowl LII. However, things didn't go as planned.

First, Hart was denied stage access after the game when he tried to get up on the main stage where the team accepted the Lombardi Trophy. A security guard was not having it and the comedian was not allowed up on stage with the team.

Then, moments after the trophy presentation, Hart made his way onto the NFL Network's set. While hyping up his team Hart dropped an expletive on LIVE television. Luckily Deion Sanders stepped in and that was the end of his night.

The funny guy did admit to drinking a lot during the game and perhaps that played a role in his lack of judgement.

Let's see if he ends up in the victory parade in a few days. I'd say the chances are pretty good that he'll be on a float when the Eagles return home.


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