Whoever owns this phone may (or may not) want to claim it.

UPDATE: Tremaine admitted the photo was a prank but didn't think it would go viral!


An alleged 'Lafayette' police officer posted a photo of himself to Tremaine Zeno's Facebook wall with the following caption.

So, this phone either belongs to Tremaine Zeno and he was logged into Facebook when it fell during the alleged chase or the person who had it STOLE it from Tremaine Zeno, and it was still logged into his Facebook page.

Or, it may be a prank. Some on social media have said they have seen the same photo on Instagram, although a Google Image search yielded no match.


This particular post has been shared over 1,000 times, and I'm wondering if the owner of the Facebook page posted it as a prank or if he is being pranked by friends who hacked into his Facebook. Whoever is logged in seems to be having a good time in the comments.


Either way, if you're Tremaine Zeno it's probably a good idea to get in touch with Lafayette Police (or, you're a really funny dude).

UPDATE: One of our Facebook followers claims this was the original prank.


It looks like Zeno has also admitted he was in on the prank as well.


[via Facebook]