This is embarrassing. Look at the amount of litter left behind in a Lafayette Park.

A friend of ours, Collin Bercier, posted this photo from Moncus Park (the old horse farm property) in the middle of the city and it shows how disrespectful some still are when frequenting public grounds.

The pile of trash was collected by Collin and his son, then disposed of. This should not have to happen.

We should NOT have to pick up other's trash when we visit the parks in Lafayette. Moncus  Park is the process of being developed and if this is an indication of what we can expect, we're in trouble.

I'll speak for most of Lafayette here if you're going to visit the parks in or around Lafayette have the courtesy to dispose of your own trash. DO NOT just throw it on the ground and walk away.

This is terrible. Parents should not have to take time out of their visit to parks with their kids and pick up litter.

Lafayette, we are better than this--- let's act like it now.

Facebook via Collin B
Facebook via Collin B

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