Yesterday (May 13) the Executive Committee of the Louisiana High School Athletic Association held a meeting to discuss the current state of high school sports in these pandemic times. While the LHSAA has never really offered input on off-season workout programs before, this year they are. That input is quite simply, hold off on all activities until June 8th at the earliest.

The LHSAA, the governing body for high school athletics in the state, made that unprecedented decision in order to maximize safety for student-athletes as well as coaches and to create a more equitable playing field for its member schools.

The LHSAA has informed its member schools that all activities are on hold until at least June 8th. Those activities include workouts, practices, banquets, and other group related gatherings. This also would include summer camps.

The Executive Committee plans to revisit these guidelines in early June. As of now, Governor Edwards's office is targeting June 5th as a possible date when the state could move into Phase II of the reopening plan. Depending on how things go in that regard will determine what the next steps for high school sports will be as well.


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