If you're not a regular lottery player then I can see how this could happen. It happens to me a lot. I am not a regular lottery player, I am what they would call an "impulse buyer". Every now and then if I am feeling lucky I will pick up a Powerball or Mega Millions or even a Lotto ticket just for fun. Then I usually forget about those tickets until I read a story like this.

In March of this year someone, maybe you, was in the French Quarter of New Orleans. That someone purchased am Easy 5 lottery ticket.

That ticket is worth over a quarter of a million dollars but it won't be worth much more than a gum wrapper if the person who purchased the ticket doesn't come forward before September 24th.

The winning numbers for the particular drawing in question were: 03-06-08-30-34. The winning ticket was purchased at Unique General Store on Royal Street in New Orleans.

Hopefully, this story will help jog the memory of a forgetful lottery enthusiast who has been walking around with over $200,000 in his or her pocket. Since this ticket was purchased in the French Quarter I am thinking that there is a good possibility that the buyer may have been more focused on fun than on winning thousands of dollars. I am pretty sure it wouldn't be the first time someone managed to forget a lot of money in New Orleans.

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