UPDATE - After finally getting the theater on the phone, they tell me this is untrue.

Below is the original story.


A Louisiana woman reportedly died yesterday in a movie theater while watching the movie "IT". So apparently, this movie is even scarier than I thought.

The Sunday Post reports the 41-year-old Monroe woman was at the Cinemark Cinema with friends Friday watching the remake of the Stephen King classic "IT" when she suddenly started having severe chest pains and difficulty breathing during one the film’s climax scenes. According to people in the theater, she let out a loud scream and then collapsed in her seat.

Her friends called 911, but by the time EMTs made it to the theater, she was unresponsive and had passed away.

At first, I thought this was just internet propaganda promoting the movie. I looked it up on snopes.com, but didn't see anything. The Sunday Post also seems to be a legitimate news website as well, so it looks like this story is completely real.

So, please be careful if you go to see this movie!


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