Halloween, depending on your neighborhood homeowners association it may or may not be celebrated on October 31st. Halloween is truly one of Louisiana's favorite holidays. It combines many of the things we adore in the Bayou State. Namely a chance to get together with friends and family, a chance to dress up and act the proverbial donkey, and then there's the food.

We tend to make Halloween more of a block party than just a reason to hand out candy. You're just as likely to be handed a cup of gumbo while trick or treating as you are to be handed a full-size Snickers bar.

When it comes to the "dress up" part of the holiday we've got our ideas about what costumes would be appropriate for a night of canailles behavior.  According to Google Analytics, the most searched for costume ideas in the state vary just as much as the lifestyles vary from one geographic location to another.

In Shreveport, according to Google, folks are searching for ideas on ghost costumes. In Lake Charles, the popular search is for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. While in Lafayette the folks at Google say we are looking to learn more about Shark costumes, maybe there's a lot of Southside High students with the same idea for trick or treating this year?

The strangest search result, at least to me, comes out of our state capital, Baton Rouge. Google says people there are searching for cattle. Yes, cattle as in cows for a costume. What the heck is that all about?

You can't wear a cow costume into a Popeyes, they'll think you're a spy from Chik fil A. You can't wear a cow costume into a Raising Cane's because they don't do cow there. You certainly don't want to wear a cow costume around Mike the Tiger, he might eat you as a snack.

So what gives Baton Rouge? Why cattle? Are you planning a group costume idea? Is this one of those nutty sorority things? The world may never know.

But, if you happen to find yourself in Baton Rouge on Halloween and you're wondering why there are so many cows roaming the streets you can assume its one of two things. A rather strange Halloween idea has unfolded or the Ole Miss Cheerleaders are in town a little early for the game with LSU.


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