While being transported from the Lafayette Parish Courthouse back to jail Joseph Dakota Richey spoke publicly for the first time.

News 15's Chris Welty caught up with Richey initially as he was being transported to the courthouse with other inmates who he seemingly tried to hide behind to avoid being on camera.

Once in the courthouse, Richey went before Judge Edward Rubin where the state filed a motion to revoke his bond. According to News 15, Assistant District Attorney Cynthia Simon claims that Richey was busted driving under the influence "not once, but three times"—one of those times resulting in the fiery crash that claimed the life of UL student Brad Wedlock.

The defendant doesn’t understand the severity of driving while intoxicated despite someone dying from an accident.

Richey's lawyer proposed his client wear GPS monitoring system with a curfew and the requirement to live with his mother, claiming his right to bond.

Before setting his bond at one million dollars and wishing Richey "good luck with that" Judge Rubin said

There is a pattern and he is out of control.

After that exchange, Richey spoke exclusively with News 15's Chris Welty as he was being transported back to the Lafayette Parish Jail, using his first public words to claim his innocence and send a message to the family of Brad Wedlock in the video above.

News 15 reports that Richey is due back in court for his pre-trial hearing on November 16.

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