If you see someone who looks like Mark Zuckerberg over the next few days, it's probably him.

The Facebook Founder made a pit stop (pun totally intended) at Smokin Aces BBQ for lunch while visiting Baton Rouge today. It's just one of many meals he'll probably enjoy in Louisiana over the next couple of days.

Can we get him some authentic Cajun food or Louisiana cuisine before he leaves the state?

Zuckerberg is on a road trip where he plans on visiting people in every state by the end of the year.

It's a shame that he'll probably meet the coolest people and eat the best food just two months into his quest.

One of the employees at Smokin Aces BBQ described the Facebook founder as a "pretty cool, laid back guy."

According to WBRZ, Mark spent about $50 on his order of brisket, boudin balls, a slab of ribs and a combo plate with chicken. People who ate nearby described the experience as "pleasant" and surprising.

It’s nuts—you don’t see people like that every day

We'll keep you posted on Zuckerberg's whereabouts over the next few days, and if you see him in the meantime, be sure to show him our Louisiana hospitality.

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