An article printed in Wednesday's edition of The Daily Advertiser talked about Lafayette Parish Schools hiring immigration attorneys to assist some foreign language teachers. The affected teachers are here legally and teach some in some of the immersion classes.

From The Daily Advertiser:

All the teachers are in language immersion. Approximately 54 teach French, 14 teach Spanish and three teach Chinese, said Suzanne Thibodeaux, the school system’s assistant human resources director.

Last week, the board agreed to hire attorneys Greg Mier and Roger Ward. They can handle temporary work visas and permanent resident applications.

Mier told the board’s executive committee that the employer is only responsible for paying for a labor certification process, which is one part of the permanent resident application.

This morning, Board Member Justin Centanni called into the KPEL Newsroom to give further details about the decision.

Justin Centanni, LPSS Board Member
Justin Centanni, LPSS Board Member

Centanni says the move was made to protect legal resident teachers who are in the country with J-1 visas to teach foreign languages in schools. According to Centanni, the Board wanted to take pro-active approach to make sure each of these teachers has all of their paperwork in order as the larger issue of immigration is handled in our country.

Centanni was clear these teachers are all permanent employees who pay taxes. He says they Board wants to make sure they remain compliant with current immigration laws.


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