New Iberia's Judy LeBlanc is a darn good poker player. In fact, Judy is so good she is currently competing for the top prize of $8,800,000 in the World Series Of Poker. That could buy a whole lot of boudin and Bud Light! She has some extra Louisiana good luck on her side as well.

After a $10,000 buy-in and two days of competition, Judy is doing very well. Out of the initial 7,874 entries, there are now 2,786 poker players remaining. This puts her in 489th place with 171,700 chips.

That may not sound like very good odds for her at first, but, being in 489th place actually puts her in the top 20th percentile.

That means she is sittin' pretty so far.

Players that make it to the final table are guaranteed to walk away with $1million!

Judy has made it past the first two days of competition, and will start day three today at 1pm.

As you'll see in the picture below Judy posted to her Facebook page, she is fully stocked with mini bottles of Tabasco to give her a good ole Cajun edge.

You can follow along to see how Judy is doing by checking out her Facebook page HERE.

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