This could really be happening. Pizza Hut has announced that it will soon start testing the idea of delivering beer and/or wine with your order.

The company announced Tuesday that it will test this idea in Phoenix first, which will begin in January.

Of course, stores will have to have an alcohol license to do so, but according to Pizza Hut director of brand marketing, most stored already do have a license for such.

This would definitely put Pizza Hut one or two steps ahead of their competition. After all, all that pizza companies like Domino's and Papa John's offers now with your order is water and soft drinks.

Customers you wish to have alcohol delivered to the residence would have to show their I.D. upon delivery and all drivers delivery alcohol would have to be at 21 years old.

As for the price of this service, Pizza Hut says that there would be a flat rate of $10.99 to have the alcohol delivered.

Think about this though, beer or wine with your pizza---that's a dream come true. And now you may not have to leave your home for either.

Too bad it's not happening here, but I have a feeling that Pizza Hut knew better than to test this idea in Louisiana.


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