Despite the fact that the world seems to still be wobbling I can always find a certain amount of stability in the Powerball game. I know that every Wednesday and every Saturday for a few shining moments I can take all of my troubles and flush them with a dream of instant riches.

Of course, those instant riches will bring about a new set of troubles but I am willing to try and overcome them with the help of the current Powerball jackpot. That jackpot hasn't been won in quite a while so on Wednesday those who purchase a ticket will have the chance to claim $375 million or the cash payout of $235.4 million.

They say money can't buy happiness. I am guessing those that said that never got the chance to experience having money and testing their theory. I too believe real happiness comes from a place where money doesn't count. I also believe that having money can get me to that place a lot faster than my current mode of existential transportation.

If you want to take a chance to really screw up your current life and meet strangers begging for money on your doorstep every day then go ahead, play the Powerball this Wednesday. Or, you can just let me take that burden from you. I will gladly accept the responsibility of having more money than one human could ever need.

Just remember I won't be buying happiness. I will, however, be paying for a lot of unnecessary things. It will almost be like I am a member of the Louisiana Legislature.

Powerball Numbers from Saturday, June 3: 03-09-21-41-54-PB 25


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