King Cake is delicious, but what about those tiny little babies that come along with the King Cake? Choking hazard, yes, but certainly deserving of better treatment than what a new report is showing. We must ask ourselves; Louisiana, can't we do better?

In a shocking new report from, it shows that 750,000 lil King Cake babies are abandoned every Mardi Gras. The report claims that 9 out of 10 King Cake lovers choose not to hold on to that baby. Some are found in desk drawers, parking lots and even in trash cans.

“The data indicates that the majority of people who unexpectedly get the baby feel they aren’t ready for the responsibility of having to buy the next king cake, so they toss the baby and hope no one sees,” said Samantha Fields, Director of King Cake Babies International, a non-profit dedicated to rescuing orphaned king cake babies around the world.


The report also claims that younger Madri Gras revelers are having King Cake at alarmingly earlier ages, and often have no idea of the tradition and responsibility of getting the King Cake baby.

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