The controversy over a memo that was written by Kenner Louisiana Mayor Ben Zahn continues to be discussed throughout the state and the nation. There are questions as to whether or not the mayor can legally prevent the city from doing business with Nike is going to be one for the courts to decide.

Meanwhile, in the court of public opinion, there was a peaceful gathering of citizens at the Susan Park Playground in Kenner. Among the many who showed up to the " Unity for the Community" gathering were several New Orleans Saints players.

Those comments by Cam Jordon were captured by Travers Mackel of WDSU Television. Other Saints players in attendance were Craig Robertson, Terron Armstead, and Chris Banjo.

Armstead who lives in Kenner told reporters from

It didn't seem real to me. I don't how you can ban a product to a whole community based on personal whatever.

The mayor announced the ban on Nike purchases by the City of Kenner in response to Nike's new advertising campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick has become the face of the Anthem Protest around the league.

Many legal experts believe that the city will fall under some legal scrutiny since the mayor's proposal does appear to be an infringement on the free speech of the citizens of Kenner.  Mayor Zahn in his first public comments about the ban told reporters he wanted the ban in place for this reason.

protect taxpayer dollars from being used in a political campaign.

Which the mayor may or may not understand is exactly what he is doing by proposing the ban. He is involving city money in a debate on political ideology. My guess is that the mayor will rescind the ban or be legally forced to rescind the ban.


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