This was one of the coolest things I've ever seen prior to a sporting event.

Watch as three parachuters make their way onto the field at Tiger Stadium prior to the LSU/Georgia game last weekend.

I don't know how high the helicopter was above the stadium, but you could barely see it from the ground.

Then, all of sudden you see three smoke streams, marking those diving towards the 50-yard line.

Each skydiver had a flag attached to him and the first one to land on the field had the American flag. The stadium, which as was half-filled at the time, erupted as soon as they saw the skydiver coming in with the flag attached to him.

Later in the game, the skydivers were recognized before the sold-out crowd and they ripped off their uniforms to show that they had LSU shirts on.

What a scene! And what an experience to see this. And yes, I was nervous for the men the entire time as glided towards the playing field!!

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