We thought we had them stopped with the National Do Not Call Registry. That apparently has just slowed them down. They are the telemarketers. It's not that the people who earn a living telemarketing are bad people it's just the industry they make their living from is viewed with the same amount of disdain as Satan.

So, here's what the darlings of the "let me interrupt your dinner" division have come up with now. It's "ringless voicemail". I bet you've experienced it. You didn't hear the phone ring but low and behold you have a voice mail message. When you check the message it's from somebody you don't know and don't want to know.

Here's the worst part, you can't block these messages because technically they are not calls. Well, that's what the telemarketing industry wants you to believe. Fortunately, there is legislation being crafted that would put these kinds of calls in the same category as nuisance calls. That way the ringless voicemail could be treated the same way unwanted calls are treated by the Do Not Call Registry.

My feelings are this. If we have the technology to create this kind of intrusion into our personal space then we should have the technology to stop it. I bet we do but I bet we'll have to pay. Just like we have to pay for virus protection on our computers.

Personally, I believe those viruses are created by the virus protection people so we'll have to buy their products. So if the solution came from the telemarketing industry, at a price, I wouldn't be surprised at all.

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