Since I am the weather geek around the office people are always asking me about the forecast. Just last week I was asked if I thought the fact that May has been so hot if that would mean an earlier start to the tropical season. It appears as if Mother Nature is ready to take that question on my behalf.

The European Forecast Model, officially known as the European Centre For Medium-Range Weather Forecasts,  is showing a very interesting feature in its most recent run. This forecast model is one of the better models at prediction tropical weather so it's worthy of your attention.

At about 72 hours into the forecast, the program develops a low pressure in the southern Gulf of Mexico just off the Yucatan Peninsula.

By 144 hours or late Friday into early Saturday, this same forecast model puts a developing low-pressure system just off the Louisiana coastline between Lafayette and Lake Charles.

The water is already warm in the Gulf of Mexico and it is possible that this system could acquire some tropical characteristics.

What should you be doing? Just going about your normal business. There is nothing imminent at this time and if a tropical system does develop you will have more than enough time to make any preparations that you deem necessary.

As now, the National Hurricane Center does not include this system in its official forecast for the Gulf of Mexico. That's because any development is still a long way off.

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