Could there be a snowflake sighting in places where snow is as uncommon as an honest politician is? It's possible, the snow part anyway.

I don't want to get your hopes up if you're thinking it's time to get out the trash can lids and find a hill. Wait, this is Louisiana, scratch whole hill part too.

In a nutshell, it's going to be very cold, windy, and wet for today. There could be occasional snow flurries or sleet generally north and west of a Baton Rouge to Deridder line. 

If we had, to sum up, today's weather in one word it would be raw. It will be cold and getting colder as the day wears on. We won't be experiencing much of a warm up during the daylight hours, in fact, forecasters with the National Weather Service in Lake Charles are suggesting that temperatures will hold steady or get even colder by this afternoon.

There is a significant chance of rain across the I-10 corridor during the day on Friday. Those rain chances will diminish during the night time hours. Temperatures are expected to fall into the middle 30's during the afternoon. They won't fall below the freezing mark until later this evening after much of the precipitation potential has passed.

If you do plan on being outdoors today you'll want protection not only from the cold temperatures but the very gusty northerly winds. These winds could bring the feels like temperature, or windchill, into the lower 20's across parts of the state.

Forecasters are predicting sunny skies for Saturday and Sunday with temperatures beginning to moderate by Monday. By Tuesday temperatures will again be topping out in the lower 70-degree range. Let the winter weather roller coaster continue.

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