A woman who ran out of gas, while trying to get to church, wanted to say thanks to the troopers who assisted her when she ran out of gas on the side of the interstate.

Porche Travis says that she was seven miles away from curch when she ran out of gas along a busy interstate, but a trooper with the Louisiana State Police, Trooper Sollie, stopped to save the day.

Trooper Sollie called another trooper over 20 miles away to bring gas and together they fueled up her car so that she could make it to the nearest gas station.

The generosity of the officers didn't stop there. Mrs.Travis said after the troopers put gas in her car, they then followed her to the gas station in case she had any other problems.

She wants this photo of the troopers to go viral and hopes all will salute the efforts of these troopers.

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