When singer Ed Sheeran kicks off his stadium tour this year, he may interfere in some NFL team's home game schedule.

It has already been reported that the Detroit Lions will likely have to travel the first week of the 2018-19 NFL season due to Ed Sheeran performing the night before in their stadium. Yes, an NFL may be getting bumped by a pop singer.

In addition to that, Sheeran is scheduled to perform 12 more dates in various stadiums during the NFL season. And for Saints and Cowboys fans, yes Ed Sheeran is coming to the Superdome and AT&T Stadium while on tour.

The NFL will release the regular season schedule in April and it will be interesting to see if Sheeran's tour interferes or conflicts with a team's "home game."

Let's wait and see what happens here, but remember, Ed Sheeran has already sold tickets in all of the stadiums that he is scheduled to perform in.

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