A former New Orleans broadcaster has died in prison according to a New Orleans TV station.

Many in Lafayette will likely recognize the name as he was well-known across the state for his sports reporting and certainly in the New Orleans market.

Vince Marinello also became infamous as he was put on trial for murder.

His lawyers were successful in convincing the judge that his trial had to be moved from New Orleans to Lafayette because of so much publicity surrounding the case.

Following the murder in 2006, officials immediately began to zero in on Marinello as a suspect. He was investigated, and they ultimately searched his home.

According to officials who were investigating the case, surveillance vice showed that Marinello wore a disguise, and police officers even recovered a "to do" list from his on for things he had to do the day that he murdered his wife.

Liz Marinello was murdered in Old Metairie during the daytime. According to officials, Marinello was riding a bicycle as he approached his wife in disguise, and he shot his wife twice in the face. The shooting happened in the parking lot as she was leaving a therapy session.

Marinello was serving a life sentence for the crime after he was convicted by a jury in December of 2008 of killing her .

He was 82 years old when he died. After being convicted of the crime, He was given that life sentence which came with no chance for parole;  he event spent some time at Angola State Prison. At some point, Marinello was transferred to Dixon Correctional Center. Dixon is the correctional center that is located in Jackson, Louisiana.

According to an official with the Louisiana Department of Corrections, Vince Marinello died of natural causes on Friday, February 21, 2020.



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