You can now hire a local clown to scare a friend as we get closer to Halloween.

Yes, you read that correctly, you can hire "Snickers" for $35 and she will show up at a friend's workplace or home and spook them.

A lot of planning goes into this and "Snickers" will not show up at someone's home if they are alone. She does take her safety into consideration prior to startling someone.

Her service was very popular in areas south of Lafayette, but now she will drive into Lafayette and into surrounding areas after being in popular demand. Business must be good!

According to KATC-TV 3, "Snickers" will be in Lafayette for a limited time only, so if you’re interested in a delivery prank, text Kellie Dubose at 985-264-9221.

After watching the video above, I feel so bad for the guy who fell in the shop when he saw "Snickers."

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