The internet was torn on K. Dot's halftime performance at the National Championship last night.

Before I go any further, live television performances of any genre of music are always pretty iffy. There are tons of factors that go into the logistics of making it all happen on TV, and it never comes close to what we hear from the studio or at an actual live show.

With that said, I'm not defending Kendrick Lamar nor am I here to debate anyone's opinion (negative or positive) on his performance at halftime during the NCAA National Championship game between Georgia and Alabama.

Basically, those who were Kendrick fans before the performance loved the show, and those who had little to no knowledge of the hip-hop MC thought his show was terrible.

What I found fascinating were the logistics that went into the final product that we saw on television. A friend who was involved in the production of the halftime show and other performances surrounding the National Championship revealed that what we saw was actually recorded late last week.

What you saw on television, we recorded live with a live band on Friday. Performed the song 5 times and they cut together the best pieces. He did perform live during halftime, but 3/4 of the Lighting was covered to protect from rain, so television viewers got the pre-recorded version.

I'll be the first to admit that I had no clue we were watching a combination of live shots and pre-recorded video with spliced audio from multiple performances. It makes me wonder what goes into the other "live" performances we see on other shows and at sporting events like the Super Bowl.

Another interesting tidbit is that it was 17 degrees during the performance, and anyone who remembers last week in Louisiana, none of us wanted to check the mail, let alone perform on stage, so shout out to the stagehands and behind the scenes people who make the magic happen.


As the saying goes, "that's show business" and "the show must go on."

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