LA ABLE is a new program that offers families with developmentally disabled members the opportunity to put tax deductible dollars in a safe state savings account to pay for future health and education needs.

State Treasurer Jon Schroder says it gives families who, already facing a tough battle, a tool to help provide for their disabled loved ones.

“It’s really a great tool, you can take donations from family and friends, and have a federal deduction.”

Families can put in up to 14,000 dollars a year, to a max of 100,000 dollars.

Schroder says the money is invested safely, so you don’t have to worry about stock market turmoil putting your family’s finances at risk.

“You basically are able to create a gain, which goes into the account, which is invested in securities, and used for that special needs purpose.”

The fund operates similarly to the popular state educations savings program START, but Schroder says it’s not just for education, it covers health as well.

“It is specifically targeted at families who children with disabilities.”

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