I don't think he was just mad. I think he might have been mad mad.

I am guessing that Kyle was just a bit upset that the Saints defense was not able to keep the Minnesota Vikings from scoring on the last play of last night's NFL Divisional Round Playoff game. So in the spirit of mindless sports violence, he punched his television.


And then he tossed it over the balcony rail.

Way to go Kyle! You showed them!  Exactly what you showed them is really up for debate. If you're asking me you showed them that you're far too immature and mentally unstable to be operating in the real world. Have you considered anger management?

Actually, I do know how Kyle feels. Losing a playoff game like that is harder to take than getting blown out, which was happening to the Saints earlier in the game. Then the Saints roared back and took the lead. Then the Vikings win the game on the last play of the game.

But all is well that ends well. Wait, this didn't end well, the Saints lost and now Kyle has one other tweet he'd like for you to see.



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