12-year-old Ananya Vinay of California won the Scripps National Spelling Bee the other night, but a Louisiana word almost stood in her way of spelling bee glory. Both of the final contestants were thrown a curve ball with the second to last word of the competition, and incredibly both got it right. So, what was the word? Was it Boudin? Sauce Piquante? Catfish Courtbouillon? Belizaire The Cajun? Nope, it was a Louisiana word I couldn't have got right even if my mom's bread pudding recipe was on the line...

The Louisiana word they miraculously both got right was the Louisiana river, the Tchefuncte River. The Tchefuncte River, located in Covington, drains into Lake Pontchartrain, also a difficult word to spell. Both of the last two contestants nailed the spelling of Tchefuncte. I have no idea how.

It was the next word that decided the winner of the spelling bee. That word was "marocain".

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