A bill that would divert funds toward home health care in Louisiana reached its demise at the state capitol last week as it took its last breath in the Senate Health and Welfare Committee.

Carol spoke with The Advocate's Dan Fagan Monday about how the nursing home lobby in Louisiana has what she calls a "stranglehold" on the Louisiana legislature.

Fagan's wrote a recent column about how the Senate committee shot down SB 357 that would essentially provide seniors the option of using home health care for medical services rather than going into a nursing home.

Fagan said seniors surveyed prefer to be cared for at home rather than be placed in nursing homes.

Both Carol and Fagan cited recent figures showing the state pays approximately $47,000 per patient who are in nursing homes annually. Patients who choose home health care for medical needs cost the state $13,000 to $33, 000 annually.

So why then, you ask, does the state not want to fund home health versus nursing homes? Listen in to Carol's conversation with Dan Fagan for that supposed answer by clicking on the video above.

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