Video of an earlier Vermilion Parish School Board meeting is raising questions on social media.

Back in December, Shay Herpin (son of former school board member Luddy Herpin) passionately addressed the board for "not honoring his father's wish" according to an excerpt attached to the video. An emotional Herpin is even seen standing up and motioning toward the board members.

Regardless of his message, social media users are pointing out that there was no marshal or law enforcement member intervening due to his passionate statement toward the board nor was he even addressed by board members.

In the video below, a similar situation saw Vermilion Parish teacher Deyshia Hargrave get asked to leave a school board meeting where she was eventually arrested and removed from the premises.

Some have speculated that Herpin's treatment was different because he is a man. One Facebook user believes that because Hargrave questioned the board on an issue related to money that her outcome was different.


It should be noted that one difference between the December meeting seen in the video above and the January meeting that has gone viral is that in December Vermilion Parish School Board Vice President Stacy Landry was presiding over the meeting and in January Vermilion Parish School Board President Anthony Fontana was presiding.

Our news team at KPEL interviewed Fontana and below you can hear his comments related to the viral incident related to the teacher who was arrested at the recent school board meeting.

Do you believe Hargrave was treated unfairly? If so, do you believe that her gender and the topic at hand is why she was treated differently?

Let us know what you think in the comments.

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