There are two less Wendy's restaurant locations in Lafayette.

The Wendy's located off the Evangeline Thruway frontage road at 421 Donlon Avenue was closed earlier today during what would have been normal operating business hours and all signage had been removed.

A video posted by My Hood Lit also showed a closed-down Wendy's, no longer in operation.

I made a phone call to the nearest Wendy's location a few miles north off of I-49 and Gloria Switch and they also confirmed that the Donlon Avenue location had closed down, but couldn't provide any more details other than they were owned by a different franchisee.

Facebook, My Hood Lit

The restaurant locator on the official Wendy's website references the location but doesn't provide any operating hours and a Google search showed the restaurant's status as "Closed" at a time that they would normally be open.


We will wait to hear more details but from what we can see, this Wendy's is the latest business to shut down in an area of northside Lafayette that has seen the closure of Walmart, KFC, Churches, and Taco Bell in addition to other locally owned stores and restaurants in the last few years.

UPDATE: After posting this story, we learned that the Wendy's located at 3300 Johnston Street near Doucet has also closed its doors for good. Multiple sources say the locations were owned by the same franchisee who went out of business but we will confirm that during normal business hours and update this story when we hear more information.


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